Morgan + Lucas { La Citadelle Engagement }

Loved you then

Love you still

Always have 

Always will

He was her best friend’s big brother. Always there. Always around. Years past and many comings and goings, the stars aligned again… just right for them to attend a family and friends “tacky” Christmas party. Their mutual friends saw a budding couple relationship but they weren’t sure. Morgan didn’t know what to feel or how Lucas would feel about it. But, as the night went on, the idea quickly turned into something more. “Sparks started to fly” … Morgan explained, but in a low-key sort of way. They were spending more and more time together… watching movies, making dinners to traveling.

Fast forward a few months, after some time apart, traveling separately… Lucas came home and asked Morgan to be his girlfriend. They spent 5 more years making sparks fly (and making dinners) until Lucas proposed in Fort Lauderdale on bended knee, a beer in one hand and a white box in the other. She of course, said… YES.

No sweeter day.

A preview of their wedding reception venue/ views… Mountains. Sweet mountains.


The best is yet to come…

Morgan and Lucas… thank you ever so much for this great honor! This union is long awaited…. long expected ; ) Finally! {Insert dancing emoji}

So much love,

{ xo }

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Protected: A & B { Album previews }

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Casey + Kelvin { Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park }

A soon as I saw you,

I knew a grand adventure was about to happen. 

~  Pooh

Kelvin saw this “future bride”, Casey on February 24th. 2014… as she walked down the steps of her apartment.  A blind date no less, she didn’t know what to expect. Kelvin knew his life was about to change (and for the better) the first time he laid eyes on her. Her smile was contagious, genuine and heart warming. She was his ‘the one’. On the other hand, Casey was a bit guarded, not showing all her cards in the beginning. Busy with school and work at the time, she played it safe and took her time. Kelvin pursued her for six months before she knew he was a keeper. Kind and down to earth Kelvin saw Casey as one beautiful person, inside and out and decided it was time to make things more official. He proposed at dusk, after witnessing a beautiful sunset together atop Carew Tower, downtown Cincinnati. Casey had a hunch that something was up, but when it finally happened, she couldn’t believe it. After many happy tears and a definite YES, they celebrated with pizza and phone calls to family and friends to announce their happy news : )

Casey’s dream vision of a wedding was a classic, timeless event with a touch of rustic. She wanted to be a romantic bride, thus wearing a champagne, sweetheart neckline dress made of beautiful vintage lace motifs dancing across delicate tulle. She looked absolutely divine! Timeless and romantic.

Her cascading white bouquet completed her classic bridal look.


Kelvin’s sweet family came all the way from Florida, leaving the wild hurricane Matthew behind.

One perfect day. The most beautiful light peeked through to shine a glow on Casey.

Casey and her besties.

Waiting to see his new bride…

I love you

because the entire universe

conspired to help me find you.

~  alchemist

 A rare, beautiful October.


VENUE  |   Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park, KY

OFFICIANT  |  Calvin Williams

CATERER  |  David Maggard

CAKE   |   Teresa Caudill

DJ  |   Coach B’s DJ & Sound, Brent Boothe

FLORIST  |  Hindman Floral and Gifts

RENTALS  |  As You Wish Events

WEDDING DRESS  |  Maggie Sottero { Emma Lynette}, Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique


HAIRSTYLIST  |  Brittney Taylor, Karma Salon

GROOM’s SUIT  |  Geoffrey Beene

CASEY & KELVIN: Thank you, for this honor of being your photographer… above all, I’m forever grateful to you both for putting your trust and confidence (and patience) in me. I am IN LOVE with your images and hope you are too. Wishing you both happy days ahead!

CONGRATULATIONS once again and happy honeymoon : )

So blessed,


{ xo }

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thankful for you this weekend!

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{ xo }


Have a blessed weekend!

Promotion extended till Sunday evening, 11:59pm

Thanks and { xo }


Dear Lovelies,

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May the good things in life
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{ xo }


Jessica + Alex

Be patient.

The BEST things

happen unexpectedly.

Their first meeting was just that. Unexpected. Alex came in for a free facial where his good friend (Matt)’s mother, Lisa was studying to be an aestetician. She needed some practice and guidance, so she enlisted Jessica (who was also a student) to help and guide her through the steps. Alex was dressed very casually (in sweat pants and house shoes) that day but the first thing she noticed was how tall he was. A little smitten? After the facials, Lisa invited the guys to lunch as a ‘thank you’. But as Jessica was leaving to go to lunch with her mom, Alex came back to ‘casually’ ask if she was coming? Jessica smiled her sweet smile and agreed to go with them instead. They stayed 2-3 hours later talking and hit it off instantly! As she was going back to school Alex said to her, “I have to see you again.”

That, I believe was a beautiful promise.

He looks at her

like she’s the reason

LOVE exists.

This beautiful couple. This light!

Fast forward to Valentine’s day 2015, on a cold and snowy night…. Jessica was content spending the evening at home but Alex wanted to take her out anyway. They drove what felt like 5 miles an hour ‘looking’ for a place to eat. As Alex pulled into a familiar place (Roosters~ the restaurant they had lunch that first day), she was pleasantly surprised. After dinner, Alex suggested they walk over to the cosmetology school where they first met. Jessica didn’t think much of it and even suggested they head home where it was warm. For old times’ sake, he pleaded! Little did she know, he had planned the night all along. On one knee and holding a gorgeous ring, he asked her to be his… forever.

“I have loved this man before I have ever met him.” ~ Jessica

Kiss me under the light of a ‘thousand stars’.

~ ed sheeran

They saw each other often since that first lunch ‘date’. Soon, they will be husband and wife… under the twinkling lights and a thousand more stars. I simply can’t wait! Congratulations Jessica and Alex!!

So much love,

{ xo }

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