Chrystal + Lee { Urban Engagement }


you are all

I ever wanted love

to be.


The first time I saw you,

my heart whispered,

that’s the one.

~ unknown

Chrystal’s face lit up when Lee smiled at her. Almost like the time, he walked in to her bridal store, looking for a tuxedo for an upcoming wedding. She took one look, and smiled. Her heart skipped a beat because it knew. He was/ is different. He looked at her… like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time. It was almost…┬ámagical.

Safety glasses needed indeed… this hot couple >>

Chrystal’s bling and a half. Blinding is an understatement!

Lee made sure it matched her heart completely.

Congratulations Chrystal and Lee! You make my heart smile : )

{ xo }

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