Sometimes the smallest things

take up the most room

in your heart.

It’s a girl!

Beautiful mama, Ashley holding E in a hand knitted, pink blanket made especially by her grandmother.

A pleasant surprise.

Elle’s gender neutral nursery:

Travel inspired with calm colors of soft grey and off-white. Ashley incorporated soft colors in the hot-air balloon mobile, inspirational prints and map and the softest bedding.

A couple of other unique elements completed this lovely nursery: a white ceramic hot air balloon coin bank and a vintage blanket from Spain.

Above: 3 generations                                                           Right: Ashley’s white cotton embroidered dress from Spain.

Coming home outfit

Congratulations Ashley and James!!  Miss Elle is precious!

Thank you so much for inviting me to your lovely home and for this great honor.

So blessed.

{ xo }


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The Ivory

 Another classic beauty.

Handmade with Love.

{ xo }


Emily & Gavin

You must know… surely,

You must know 

It was all for you.

- Mr Darcy.

When two great minds come together… they fall in love. In their heart. In their soul. Emily and Gavin LOVE unconditionally, in their best times and in more stressful (school and life) times. Imperfections and all. They think, walk, and dance as one. But more importantly, they LOVE each other with one heart and one soul.

Gavin’s token of love to Emily… a beautiful, custom made morganite ring.

Their FIRST look… everything they imagined and more.

You have bewitched me, body and soul.

- Mr Darcy

Emily and Gavin fell in love with the Club at Spindletop Hall and knew this would be THE venue to express their love… for all things classic and romantic.

You must allow me to tell you how ardently

I admire and love you.

-   Mr Darcy

A private moment before their grand entrance…

 SWOON! A reception for a couple IN LOVE. You can’t help but feel a little bit of their love for each other in the details and decor. Everything was delicately put together with romantic florals and quotes.

Their romantic cake… topped with Emily’s Grandparent’s bride and groom topper. Perfection.

I love Emily & Gavin’s personal touch with their GUEST sign-in portrait. Their love for books and literature is evident throughout the reception.

EMILY & GAVIN: Oh…where do I start? It has been a true pleasure AND honor to know you and your families and to be a part of your special day. SO special, it warms my heart and soul. You are one of my many sweet couples I’ve had the privilege to photograph : ) I hope your days and years ahead are as sweet and kind as you and your love.


to love and admire each other


- Not Mr Darcy’s quote.

Please check back soon for Emily & Gavin’s SLIDESHOW!


VENUE   |   Spindletop Hall, Heather Martin   859-255-2777

CATERING   |  Spindletop Hall

OFFICIANT  |  Will Briggs

CAKE  |  Tinker’s, Cameron Tinker   859-252-9636

FLORIST   |   Darcy Frame   859-806-8738

DJ   |  Joseph Foster

WEDDING GOWN   |  David’s Bridal

CROWN   |  Disneyland

BRIDESMAIDS   |   Bridal Warehouse, Alfred Sung   502-499-5104

HAIR STYLIST   |   Hairchitexture, Ainslie   859-492-0706

WEDDING CAKE TOPPER   |   Bride’s grandparents

PEARLS   |   Bride’s mother and grandmother

MAKEUP ARTIST   |   Insight Image, Trish Allen

TUX   |   Men’s Warehouse

Thank you so much for stopping by:)

{ xo } and forever grateful.


Hard Cover GS Album

Hard Cover GS Album

8″ x 12″

30 sides

Photographic pages

Custom Cover

{ xo }


Emily { Bridal }

Shoes speak LOUDER than words.

And YES, it can change your life.

Emily’s exquisite morganite ring with multiple dimensions.

Being Cinderella:

SHOES   |    Kate Spade

VENUE   |    The Club at Spindletop Hall, Lexington, Kentucky

GOWN & VEIL   |  David’s Bridal

BOUQUET   |   Stem’s, Lexington

Special Assistant   |   Allyson Lough

BRIDE   |   Absolutely breathtaking

{ xo }




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Bridal Album


I can finally share these images of my latest album order. A former groom from 2010 wanted to surprise his bride with a beautiful BRIDAL album for their 5th wedding anniversary. He knew how much she LOVED her bridal session images, so this was a perfect surprise gift. This classic album was a compliment to their IVORY leather wedding album I designed for them 5 years ago. See it HERE. He also ordered these custom made boxes to showcase and protect their heirloom investments.


GS Exclusive Bridal Album

8″ x 12″

Photographic, thick pages

Black leather cover

Custom linen covered boxes

p.s. She finally received her surprise GIFT yesterday. Totally unexpected.

Totally LOVED.

{ xo }


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