Emily & Cory

“Settle down with me”.

After many years of courtship, of and on and different schools, they will. In June. Emily and Cory dated in High School but it took them being miles apart to discover their love for each other. Deeper love. Settle down with me, kinda love. In Boston, they share their lives amongst books, exams, papers, and daily hassles. They found this love~ away from home : )

Our special date ended up in Washington DC. Emily reserved her date about a year ago and because of school and work, spring was to be the perfect time to document their love. Cherry blossoms and beautiful sunny weather, we prayed and hoped. But, the elements had different plans. It was bitterly cold in the morning but clear. I take ‘clear’ any day! The blossoms were no where to be found. At least the kind I dreamed about. They are there in spirit. I smile looking back.

This first shot has an ethereal feel. No idea how it came about but I love it so.

Within Jefferson Memorial…

One of a kind. Connection.

: ) Blush

The impressive Library of Congress. Wow is an understatement.

Emily and Cory.. you know you are gorgeous together. Don’t stop.

Smile. I did and will again at their summer wedding in Richmond, Kentucky. Can you wait?

{ xo }

Tekiah & Travis

Sweetness is in the air : )

{ xo }

Sneak peek: Emily & Cory

{ xo }

The Blues: GS Albums

Featured: Devon & Andrew

Thank you ENGAGED AND INSPIRED EVENTS for this honor!

Do check out Devon and Andrew’s story HERE and be sure to stop by Engaged and Inspired’s Wedding BLOG for all things weddings:)

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the Lady in red


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Margie & Mallie

For this child I have prayed..

So MANY of my smiles

BEGIN with you

*   Happy Spring lovelies!  *

 { xo }


Tekiah + Travis

It was a perfect day in March… the afternoon sunshine kissed our skin with warmth and our hearts with new beginnings. The day couldn’t be any sweeter than this cute couple, Tekiah and Travis. Both young and in love. Innocently, they met in his parent’s garage (their dads happen to be best friends). She didn’t know before that day, she was to meet her life love. Travis wasted no time to friend her on facebook- today’s matchmaker ; ) Their love continued on, innocently.

O happy week… Tekiah was all excited about her trip to Myrtle Beach with Travis and his family. Her list of things to pack in PINK ink was a reminder of her last days as a single gal, she remembered. Along with the ruled paper neatly kept in her big box of memories were other little memories of sweet words, notes, wire hearts, rose petals… the list goes on. After dinner one day into the trip, they went for a walk on the pier. She remembered the dress she had on. Soft and blowing in the wind. She kept it down with both hands but to her surprise and everyone around her, she let it go when she saw Travis on his knees. She couldn’t believe it (he picked me)!

With happy tears she said, yes.  

Please enjoy the sneak peek.. more to come : )

Happy St Patricks day!

{ xo }

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