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Jessica + Alex

Be patient.

The BEST things

happen unexpectedly.

Their first meeting was just that. Unexpected. Alex came in for a free facial where his good friend (Matt)’s mother, Lisa was studying to be an aestetician. She needed some practice and guidance, so she enlisted Jessica (who was also a student) to help and guide her through the steps. Alex was dressed very casually (in sweat pants and house shoes) that day but the first thing she noticed was how tall he was. A little smitten? After the facials, Lisa invited the guys to lunch as a ‘thank you’. But as Jessica was leaving to go to lunch with her mom, Alex came back to ‘casually’ ask if she was coming? Jessica smiled her sweet smile and agreed to go with them instead. They stayed 2-3 hours later talking and hit it off instantly! As she was going back to school Alex said to her, “I have to see you again.”

That, I believe was a beautiful promise.

He looks at her

like she’s the reason

LOVE exists.

This beautiful couple. This light!

Fast forward to Valentine’s day 2015, on a cold and snowy night…. Jessica was content spending the evening at home but Alex wanted to take her out anyway. They drove what felt like 5 miles an hour ‘looking’ for a place to eat. As Alex pulled into a familiar place (Roosters~ the restaurant they had lunch that first day), she was pleasantly surprised. After dinner, Alex suggested they walk over to the cosmetology school where they first met. Jessica didn’t think much of it and even suggested they head home where it was warm. For old times’ sake, he pleaded! Little did she know, he had planned the night all along. On one knee and holding a gorgeous ring, he asked her to be his… forever.

“I have loved this man before I have ever met him.” ~ Jessica

Kiss me under the light of a ‘thousand stars’.

~ ed sheeran

They saw each other often since that first lunch ‘date’. Soon, they will be husband and wife… under the twinkling lights and a thousand more stars. I simply can’t wait! Congratulations Jessica and Alex!!

So much love,

{ xo }

Victoria + Brice

I look at

you and see

the rest of my life

in front of my eyes.

She brought him some guacamole from work (because it’s his favorite). Brice was ‘pre-occupied’ at that moment, a thousand thoughts running through his head. He didn’t ask what was in the bowl. Little did she know, her day (and life) was about to change. With roses and notes placed in strategic places in her home, candles lit and a speech all planned out, Victoria turned around to see Brice on one knee… asking her to be his wife. He barely got this speech out, but she knew he summarized it with “Babe, you know I love you.”

The small, simple things in life. Kisses on the forehead.

CUMBERLAND Falls in early fall.

This is becoming one of my favorite places to photograph love. 

When things come together so perfectly….

curls in place

black lace

pink heels

& a sweet, sweet couple.

Nature + the light = A perfect day to document their special engagement session. It was almost…


So beautiful. Need I say more?

She had (almost) everything she loved with her. Brice, her ring, and obviously her pink.

When my brides ask me what they should wear for their session, I always say ‘dress up’. You won’t go wrong with a little color, a flirty dress, and fabulous heels!

The smile and confidence comes naturally.

Evidence: Look at his smile ; )

They are each other’s eye candy.

Four years of love leading up to their engagement this January has been nothing short of WONDEROUS. Victoria describes their love as simply amazing, just like he is.

Let’s celebrate with them and look forward to an spectacular WEDDING coming up next April! Expect nothing short of…


Can’t wait:)

{ xo }

Casey + Kelvin

They were introduced by a mutual friend… a picture and a phone number was all it took. Kelvin took the first step to say hi via text. But it wasn’t until he approached Casey (to go on a blind date at a restaurant in Louisville) he saw HER and the glow she possessed. She smiled her sweet smile, sensing something different about him. They spent the night talking and enjoying delicious Italian foods : ) On that night, Kelvin knew she was different…. Casey was a candle amongst matches. She glowed from within. Smiling on the inside.

Fast forward to the NFL game that changed their lives forever. Casey wanted to celebrate Kelvin’s birthday in a big way with tickets to his first NFL game, the Bengals vs. Seahawks. It was a weekend of fun and relaxation in Cincinnati. Little did she know, Kelvin also had plans of his own, taking advantage of the perfect timing to say what he had wanted to say for the past two months. While on the observation deck on top of Carew Tower and enjoying the PERFECT evening sunset, THE perfect moment ‘almost’ happened. Almost. The observation deck was closing and Casey suggested it was time to go to dinner. It was then or never! Kelvin pulled her close and said all the right, sweet things. He dropped to one knee and ask for her hand in marriage. Her reactions were disbelief, tears, joy and finally, YES!

They continue to walk, talk and dream of how good life will be when they’re husband and wife. Casey, again was smiling on the inside…. and out.

Congratulations Casey and Kelvin!

You are forever and always

the hero of my heart.

The love of my life.

Their fall affair is coming soon this October! Simply can’t wait!!

{ xo }

Kristian { Hindu Blessing Ceremony }

“When there is love,

self is not.”

The Book of Life

  • Daily Meditations with Krishnamurti

A beautiful home with perfect light for portraits.

Hostess Sharmila putting the final touches of the bridal blessing ceremony…

An auspicious day for the bride-to-be: Indian ‘Kumkum’ (red) and ‘Haldi’ (yellow) in silver bowls for health and prosperity.

This blessing ceremony is not complete without apples, bananas, and coconuts to symbolized fertility.

Kristian wore her grandmother’s precious jewels of diamonds, emeralds and gold. Made and fit for a queen.

The beautiful silk saree was a gift from her grandmother as well. Specially selected my her grandfather.

Above: Kristian wore a Gajra (a traditional indian garland) made from fresh jasmine handpicked and handmade by her grandmother, Hema.

Another integral element of the ceremony are rice grains, also considered auspicious. Rice and flower petals are used to bless the bride-to-be.

Kristian: What an honor it is to be a part of your bridal shower and to capture these special moments for you!

Congratulations once again : )

SPECIAL GRATITUDE to Sharmila and Shyla for the warm welcome and delicious lunch.

{ xo }

Caitlin + Seth { Buckhorn Log Cathedral }

They knew it.

time, distance,

nothing could separate them.

Because they knew.

It was right.

It was real.

After spending months on two separate continents, Caitlin and Seth came together as one under the warm lights and sun rays of one of the oldest and rarest log cathedrals in the country. Built in 1928 from indigenous white oak, this majestic structure was also the wedding venue of Caitlin’s parents. Caitlin dreamt of a wedding filled with tradition and her vision of beautiful elegance came true with aisles lined with candles and coral hue peonies. Simple floral accents were placed effortlessly in the cathedral which requires very little ‘dressing up’.  Outside, the warm, overcast day with a mix of rain and sunshine at times, Caitlin and Seth spent a better part of the afternoon with their best BFFs ~ primping and dressing to the nines, ready to celebrate a long awaited nuptial of two very special lovebirds.

The most stunning light for MR & MRS portraits. My heart is happy : )

A classic gown and ribbon heels for the loveliest bride. Just beautiful.

Wedding day details: Navy and coral.

FLAWLESS. Makeup by Autumn Combs. 

Pretty maidens in coral and pearls.


Medieval with a few modern conveniences.

A “must see” in person.

Before walking down the aisle…

Their beginning…

Finally! The new MR & MRS. Oh happy day!

you are my sun

my moon

and all my stars.

One fine day…


CEREMONY |  Buckhorn Log Cathedral

OFFICIANT  |  Gayle Burns

PIANIST  |  Mrs. Bobbie Bevins, Bride’s Elementary Music Teacher

ORGANIST  |  Ethan Hamblin

RECEPTION & CATERING   |  Buckhorn Lake State Park

RENTALS  | Bryant’s Rentals

CAKE  | Teresa Caudill


BOUQUETS  |  Blanche’s Gifts and More

DJ  |  Mont Logan

VIDEOGRAPHER  |  BT Media Group, Tony Mullins

PHOTO BOOTH  |  Brandon Feltner

WEDDING GOWN  | Mori Lee, AF Couture, Bridals by Natalie

HEELS  | Macy’s


RINGS  | Neil Lane

JEWELRY  | Southern Belle Glitz & ring borrowed from Bride’s Mother

HAIR  | Kayla Holbrook, Karma Salon, Hazard, KY

MAKEUP  |  Autumn Combs

TUXEDOS  |  Men’s Warehouse


INVITATIONS  | Wedding Paper Divas

Caitlin & Seth: My heart is filled with so much joy for both of you. What a beautiful wedding! So much love, tradition and good company. Wishing you many happy years TOGETHER, a lifetime of magic and surprises and blessings upon blessings.

So much love,


{ xo  }


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September 20, 2016 - 6:10 AM

April Simply beautiful. Love your artwork Christine.