Hannah + Josiah


DRESS  | Jovani

FLOWERS  | Jackson, KY

HAIR  |   Hannah

MAKEUP  |  Shana, Shear Happiness, Hazard, KY

{ xo }

Alyssa + Skylar


DRESS  |  Sherri Hill (Miss Priss, Lexington, KY)

ACCESSORIES  |  Sherri Hill

HEELS  |  Zappos.com

FLOWERS  | Hindman Floral

HAIR  | Hair by Shana, Shear Happiness, Hazard, KY

MAKEUP  |  Lakenda Caldwell

{ xo }

Taylor + Ryan


DRESS  |  Sherri Hill (Peaches, Chicago, IL)

ACCESSORIES  |  Barnards Jewelry, Hazard, KY

PLATFORM HEELS, CLUTCH, EARRINGS  |  Foxy Lady Boutique , Myrtle Beach, SC

FLOWERS  |  Heather Francis

HAIR  |  Edwina Mayhew

MAKEUP  |  Kayla Beverly

NAILS  |  Lovely Nails, Romeo

SUNGLASSES  |  Oakley, Fayette Mall

TUXEDO  |  Dion’s

{ xo }

Lauren + Robbie


DRESS  |  Sherri Hill (Miss Priss, Lexington, KY

ACCESSORIES  |  Claire’s

NUDE HEELS  |  Rack Room

FLOWERS  |  Food City Florals

HAIR  |  Hair by Shana, Shear Happiness, Hazard, KY

MAKEUP  |  Lauren

{ xo }


Special thanks to Tessa, Summer & Kylie.

{ xo }

Mandi + Emily

{ xo }

Baby { Hard cover album }

Custom Hard Cover Signature Album

8″ x 12″

30 sides

Photographic pages

Inquire today for your very own SIGNATURE album.

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Amanda + Blaine

Her eyes

were cornflower blue,

the hue of the most magical 

things in life,

the sea, the sky,

and all my reasons why.

~ of yesteryear

She had ‘asked’ for it.

 A  Facebook message came through one fateful day…. Just a few days prior she ASKED… God to simply drop someone on her lap. Little did she know, her wish came through in a form of Blaine~ Someone she could talk to for hours on end, someone she couldn’t get enough of, someone who completes her.

When you ASK, they say… you will receive.

A moment so beautiful. A curl just right. A smile so magical.

Your eyes

stole all my words


~ dj

Amanda and Blaine braved the cool and windy, February Tuesday for a moment of just ‘them’ because…


in the wind of change

we find

our true direction.

Overlooking a spot where they will marry a few short months from now…

Can you believe sunsets exist in February? All I can say is… Thank you for this beautiful day. This beautiful couple. And this fateful day.

MAY cannot come soon enough! Here’s to many more sunsets to look forward to and many more moments like this.

{ xo }

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