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Emily & Gavin { Louisville Engagement }

“How do you spell ‘love’?

- Piglet

“You don’t spell it, 

you feel it”.

- Pooh

This may not be the books Emily and Gavin read these days, but they became ‘official’ in the midst of books while studying at the library. Gavin, all blue eyed and a kind smile, asked Emily…. to be his girlfriend. Yes, a few group dates lead to this beautiful question and she was smitten.

When Emily saw Gavin for the first time, one cold January day she thought he was a catch! Though he was dressed in a huge and puffy parka! “He looked like he was ready for the Canadian blizzard,” remembered Emily. Style or not, she wanted to get to know him more. It was the night he showed her a simple gesture of compassion and kindness… she knew he was THE one. The one to comfort her at times of sadness and in good times as well.

Fast forward to August and while overlooking the Kentucky River at the Wild Turkey Distillery, Gavin surprised Emily this time with a gorgeous, one of a kind Morganite engagement ring and asked her to make him…

the happiest man on earth.

Their day was surrounded by the things they love, books and antiques. And each other. At Joe Ley Antiques in Louisville, they spent every minute exploring every nook and cranny of this vast store/ museum filled with every imaginable find your heart desires. From chandeliers to skeleton keys to old iron grates from historical buildings. You will be amazed!

You can never have too many….


For more sweetness, please CLICK here for their SLIDESHOW. Enjoy : )

EMILY & GAVIN: Oh what a joy and privilege to meet you both! You love passionately and it shows. Spindletop in June is going to be fabulous! I simply can’t wait : ) Thank you so much for the honor!!

Special Thanks:

Joe Ley, Owner of Joe Ley Antiques

615 East Market Street

Louisville, Kentucky

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Lavender & Grey


Exclusive GS Wedding Album

8″ x 12″

15 Spreads

Thick photographic pages

Upgrade: Fabric covered album box

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Brittany & CD { Henry Clay Estate }

I give her all my love
That’s all I do
And if you saw my love
You’d love her too
I love her

- the beatles

Not too many moons ago, Brittany and CD met on a date. Brittany’s date actually. She was on a date with one of CD’s friends and because their stars and moons didn’t align together, it was not meant to be. They met up with CD after the date and the rest as they say, was history. After high school and a few years of long distance dating during college, they decided to explore other avenues and take some time apart. It wasn’t six months later, Brittany regretted her decision and thought she might have lost her true love. The next 3 years of law school didn’t resolve anything but as luck would have it, they rekindled while sitting for the Ky bar exam. Their timing. Impeccable. Love. True.

Special thanks:


Hair & Makeup    SARA DRURY

Please click HERE for a look of their autumn engagement session SLIDESHOW.

Be sure to leave a sweet note for Brittany and CD. Congratulations!!

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The Blues


Exclusive GS Wedding Album

8″ x 12″

20 spreads

Thick Photographic pages

Custom album box

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Tekiah & Travis { Buckhorn Lake and Resort }

It was only a sunny smile,

and little it cost in the giving,

but like morning light

it scattered the night

and made the day worth living.

-  f. scott fitzgerald

A dress, veil and the complete look. She smiled.

The world smiled back. Tekiah, in her modern Galina ball gown, she looked every bit a princess. She had waited for this day her entire life. To marry her beloved. Her best friend.

A glorious morning. Slightly chilly, calm and wild deer in the mountains.

Buckhorn Lodge, a gem in the mountains. A place to get away, relax, and be married. Tekiah and Travis chose a place truly close to their hearts. A place many memories were made.

this day = happy memory

Tekiah picked mid grey long gowns for her best bridesmaids and silver heels to match.

10 minutes before dark… the golden light. Tekiah and Buckhorn lake had never looked more beautiful.

I’m with you.


VENUE & CATERING   Buckhorn Lake and Resort

DRESS    Galina

HAIR STYLIST    Demaris Hogg (Hair Fixations)

MAKEUP ARTIST    Jemma Domenica

DJ    Barry Moss

OFFICIANT    Vergie Caudill (Grandfather of Bride)

FLORALS & WEDDING STYLISTS    Tracey Mullins & Carrie Hall

CAKE    Joselyn Watts

For more highlight images of Tekiah and Travis’ day, please CLICK here to view their slideshow : )

Tekiah & Travis: THANK YOU so very much for this great honor! I’m counting my lucky stars and that our paths crossed and the weather Gods for an almost beautiful day. Only THE best wishes to you both and a lifetime of bliss.

{ xo }

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